studio and lifestyle product photography

studio and lifestyle product photography

Ceramic mugs photographed on reflective resin in the studio and in lifestyle format around the house and garden.

jewellery photography

jewellery photography

Kiln fused glass rings, earings, cufflinks and pendants photographed backlit and on reflective resin and natural slate.

artwork photography

artwork photography

Hi-res photographs of original artworks taken so that they can be reproduced as giclée editions or greetings cards.

jewellery photography

silver jewellery photography

Photographs of silver cast jewellery taken on slate and wood to compliment the tactile nature of the pieces.

workshop photography

studios and workspaces

Pictures of your studio, workshop or workspace, and of you working can be great for telling the story behind your work.

garden product photography

garden ironwork

Photographs of hand made ironwork garden furniture in a beautiful garden setting.

fashion product photography

fashion collection

Photographs of hand made samples of a new made-to-measure collection of classic wardrobe essentials.

enrich photo lifestyle product photography

aspirational lifestyle photography

A set of aspirational lifestyle photos taken on location for use in promotional literature and for a social media campaign for a startup company.

enrich photo artwork photography

lifestyle artwork photography

Lifestyle photographs were taken with props to show relative scale, as well as representative record shots for use in a newsletter, for producing greetings cards and for exhibition submissions. Images were colour matched in post processing.

product photography for ecommerce

studio photography

Studio photographs for an ecommerce site selling custom folders and binders. Images show the detail as well as the whole product.

enrich photo product photography

hand built guitars

Photos of hand built guitars taken on location. Natural light from an open doorway gives depth to the images forming a natural shadow, enhancing the shape and form of each guitar.

enrich photo product photography

model photography

1/27 scale model racing cars photographed using a light tent with a white reflective base, whilst others were shot on the racing track surface itself.

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